Free App consultation for your business

Free App consultation for your business

There’s no escaping it, there is pretty much is an app for everything these days, from how far you walk the dog, through to what colour to decorate your lounge!!

It’s not just for leisure and lifestyle industries, apps are becoming more popular in the workplace. More and more companies are using tablets and smart phones as part of their corporate culture and it’s on these devices that business apps can play an important role.

A survey was carried out 12 months ago by technology guru Daniel Burras and asked the question “Do you think that at least half the businesses in your industry will have their own mobile apps for functions such as supply chain management and sales support, within the next two years?” The response was amazing: 100% agree that half of the businesses in their industry will.

With such a large percentage agreeing, what does this mean to businesses? It means that mobile apps designed by businesses for their own internal use and competitive advantage will explode over the next two years. Therefore, all business leaders need to ask themselves: “Two years from now, do I want to be one of the companies that is not developing mobile apps to transform business processes?”

For a large number of businesses, bespoke apps are proving to be more effective at helping to reduce processes and be more efficient saving both time and money. Whilst custom apps won’t be suitable for all companies, when looking at organisations with field staff or employees who are regularly mobile, the ability to create a tool for specific job roles is helping to improve efficiency, profitability and productivity. Some of the best examples of these can be found for maintenance and support staff to be able to do their jobs with greater efficiency and reduce the dependency on paper.

Bournemouth based app agency Tablish, who currently provide website services for both WE and Jurassica, are offering WE members a free appraisal to see how your business could benefit from an app. If you already have an idea the team at BhLabs would also be happy to discuss this and estimate costs and feasibility.

How can Tablish help you?

Tablish helps individuals and businesses design, build and launch apps for iOS devices (iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch) and Android devices (smartphones and tablets). We take a structured approach to all developments and work in a way that adds value for clients at every stage. For commercially oriented apps, we include marketing considerations from the outset.
Their talented team have designed and created many different types of App on all platforms. If you have an idea or a concept that you believe will assist with your company procedures they can offer:-

  • Advice as to what is likely to work and what may not, hence improving your chances of success.
  • Strong project management skills, efficient development phase so allows the costs to stay as low as possible.
  • High quality account management, each project gets the personal attention and support it needs.

So if you are thinking about creating an app or just have a few ideas that you would like to explore to see if they are possible give Tablish a call on 01202 755665 or email

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