There are many definitions trying to express the true meaning of experience. What is certain is that it takes time to amass and much of the learning involved invariably means making mistakes, sometimes costly ones both in terms of capital and human resolve.
How much better to be able to use the experience of others to perhaps mitigate the challenge of risk in its many forms.

In an ever-changing commercial world, it is easy to believe the challenge that confronts a business is new and solely affects that enterprise. Even the resources of the Internet sometimes lack the focus required to solve problem especially a local one.
There is a tendency to believe that change brings new challenges, when in fact they have been seen before by more senior entrepreneurs

For micro businesses the loneliness of decision making is an everyday issue.
To be part of the Wessex Entrepreneurs network brings help in many diverse areas. Where we don’t have a direct answer it’s likely we know someone who does.